Wellington Scottish Athletic club are holding their Centennial dinner on Saturday 30th May 2015. Much of the focus is in recognition to the founder of the Wellington and Scottish Athletic club Gala Harrier Walter ‘Pop’ Ballantyne. One of the New Zealand Clubs race trophies is “The Galashiels Trophy” which the New Zealand Club purchased to commemorate Walter ‘Pop’ Ballantyne after he passed away in 1943. The following statement from Gala Harriers is due be read out at Wellington Scottish Athletic club centenary dinner with an enlarged version printed out for display at Wellington Athletic Club rooms.

“I was very touched to be invited to help celebrate Wellington Scottish Athletic Club Centenary and to here about the founder Walter Pop Ballantyne and how our clubs histories are intertwined. Gala Harriers may have  lit the flame 100 years ago but Wellington Scottish Athletic club have kept it burning bright. It is truly  remarkable to think that since 1915 athletics  has thrived at Wellington Athletic Club.  On behalf of Gala Harriers I wish your club every success” . 

Gerry Moss 
(President Gala Harriers)!

The statement will also be displayed in the Grand Hall of the historic boys school, Wellington College, that produced many of the New Zealand clubs great athletes.