A very wet day on Saturday 27th April 2019 made for a fun run. I found myself in Milngavie at about 5:00 am but the car was in Tyndrum and parking meter runs out at 3:00 pm so had to get a shifty on. Thankfully the Highland Fling race was on so I hooked up. Kicked off at 6am, ran to Drymen, took my jacket off, put it on again 5 mins later and kept it on all day cos it pissed down. Ran the rest of the way to Tyndrum through puddles, burns, over rocks, up paths, down paths, up hills, up other hills and down them too, chatted, ate bananas, sang songs in my head, made pals, tried hard and got into Tyndrum after 8hrs 55mins (almost a 2 hour PB over the last time), just before the meter ran out. So, 30th overall (I think 750 starters, or so), 7th V40.