Gala Harriers Virtual 5K Handicap Results
The moment has arrived to announce the podium winners for this year’s club 5 km championships. This championship is open to all signed-up senior club members.
Before I do this I want to thank all competitors for entering our first virtual club champs. I hope next year we are all back together for the race but in the meantime it was great for us all to be racing and running together in a virtual sense.
Before announcing the winners I want to highlight some other standout performances. Returning from injury Dawn Marie Grant and Gillian Duncan have put in brave runs, Graeme Murdoch recorded the fastest running time (16:40) whilst Kirstin Maxwell was our fastest women (18:30). Garry Fraser, Iain Buckley , Angela Jewitt, Jocelyn Richard, and Ian Maxwell have all recorded fast times and possible PBs/SBs.
However, our podium for this year is:
  1. Rachel McAleese (handicap time 15:10)
  2. Joeleen Mckean (15:19)
  3. Callum Stewart (15:22)
Congratulations to our winners!
This was my first attempt at handicapping (maybe it will be my last once you all see the handicaps I’ve given you 😁) and thanks to Tony Lunn, Gary Trewartha, and Gerry Moss for their help and advice.
Picture of results attached – let me know of any major omissions / errors (although handicaps are final!)